Medical Mask Project

America needs masks! Littlest Jockey got a begging call of a dire need from a relative nurse in northern Pennsylvania who didn’t have masks. We started with scraps of fabric, researched designs and have landed on three designs to focus on for family and friends in need.

*Important note that these masks are not going to protect completely from any viruses. We are hearing from numerous sources that nurses and first responders have resorted to either nothing, bandanas or reusing single n95 masks. Our goal, along with thousands of others, is to design an easy to make mask that can be washed and reused which is better than nothing.

Also linked are other groups who are aggregating designs and harnessing the power of crowdsourcing. Find what works best for you and start sewing!

Resources and Groups

Maskapalooza Facebook Group – –

Million Mask Challenge –

Recommended Materials

Any woven cotton material will work. You can use what you have in the closet or you can take it a step further and use HEPA vaccum bags.

PREFERRED DESIGN as of 3/28 – Basic Pleated Mask

DESIGN #1 – Fitted Face Mask with pouch for filter

This mask can be used with or without a filter. We are reading about everything from dried chlorox wipes, to coffee filters. We found HEPA vacuum bags and cut them down to rectangular pieces. These HEPA filters say that they filter our particles down to 0.3 micron.

Best Video Tutorial –
Outer layers (do not attach non-woven interface material)
Metal nose piece (optional step)
Putting it all together
HEPA Filters & Inserts

DESIGN #2 – N95 Mask Cover

The “one million mask “ pattern fits over both the N95 and the Duck Bill hepa cloth filter mask.

A video tutorial
Pattern for community mask
Instructions for community mask
How to maintain a safe environment while making masks

DESIGN #3 – Duck Billed Mask made with HEPA Vacuum Bag

Pattern –

Video Instructions:

  1. The steps above are just one of many options….find what works best and run with it!

N95 Mask Cover