Medical Mask Project – Supply List

Supply list:

Shop immediately for 1/4 inch elastic. Supplies are selling FAST. First stop: Ebay. Buy the 288 yard spool. You can always share with your sewing friends.

Aluminum foil. I asked on our community hot line for new disposable aluminum foil baking pans and strangers rushed to leave them at my front door. People are eager to help some way .. any way possible.

Thread – use what you have. The color does not matter. I used contrasting threads to show the stitching details.

Sewing machine needles- very important for your sewing machine’s health. Get number 16 needles.

Fabric- 100% cotton
Lining- I used my crepe backed satin and would NOT recommend it. Use what you have in your stash. Cotton is the safest.

Cut up old blue jeans. I think denim twill weave has the tightest weave possible. If you are looking to buy new…buy the SHEETS and shop on line for the Highest thread count of 100% cotton that you can buy.

Unless you have a heavy duty professional sewing machine, I would not take sew with blue jean denim. Your $ 100 .00 machine will probably break. My Janome is a work horse but also cost over $2000.00.

Our hospitals are not protecting our doctors and nurses. Just promises and rationing. I have a request for jockey goggles to use for eye protection. How heartbreaking is that???

I sent my supplier a message asking how many Jockey goggles they have in stock and I will know tomorrow. That might be a fantastic Go Fund Me and have the USA jockey manufacturing companies sell at cost and get crowd funding to pay for the shipping.

Back to the shopping list. Google “ nonwoven interfacing” plain or iron on. There should be a variety of choices. It is a stabilizer . Get a medium weight so as to not inhibit the wearer’s breathing.

Filters- our sons came up with two ideas :

Hepa filter vacuum cleaner bags

Hepa furnace filters. Dismantle and cut up the insides.

Hepa seems to be very best product. Of course it has to be cut to fit inside a mask.

My goal is to enlist my husband’s help and start an assembly line now that I know what the steps are !

My goal is 50 a day by using his help! These are desperate times my friends . Rally round our health care workers. NOW .

Peggy Mauro Littlestjockey LLC

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